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Arnold was the husband of Suzanna, the mother of Polaris. When Lorna was three years old, Arnold found out that she wasn't his daughter and that Suzanna had an affair with Magneto.

Arnold took them both up to the skies in an airplane so that Suzanna would have no place to flee when he confronted her with this. While the two of them were arguing, Lorna became upset and after being yelled at, her powers manifested, tearing apart the jet and killing Arnold and Suzanna.


  • In X-Men #52 it is revealed that Lorna was adopted by Arnold's sister and her husband, which means that "Dane" is the surname of Lorna's foster father, and thus neither Suzanna nor Arnold can have "Dane" surname (either maiden or through marriage). However, this was ignored in Resurrection of Magneto #2, where it was confirmed that Suzanna's surname was indeed "Dane".

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