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Arnold's parents were Slovak immigrants and his father fought for Germany in World War II. Arnold was raised in Queens, New York City.[2]

He was the father of Vance Astrovik. Arnold couldn't accept that his son was becoming a "freak" when his mutant powers developed. He began to physically abuse his son via beatings and his son eventually lashed out with his emerging powers and accidentally killed his father.[3]

This wasn't the end of Arnold's story, however. When the Sphinx sent members of the New Warriors back in time to various points in history, Vance discovered that, as a young man, Arnold was a homosexual, in love with a man named Bradley. Not only that, he was being bullied and abused by his own father into fitting into the heterosexual norm of the time. Vance saw clearly the cycle of abuse and fear that was perpetuated down his family line, and attempted to encourage Arnold to follow his heart, but failed. Arnold suppressed his true self and started a heterosexual life.[4]


  • In their first appearance, Arnold and Norma Astrovik were named Tom and Mary Astrovik.


The Arnold Astrovik from the Guardians of the Galaxy timeline is the father of Vance Astro. Arnold stopped abusing his son in that timeline when Vance Astro turned 13. Vance Astro and his father had settled most of their differences before Vance went off into space.

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