Arnold "Arno" Brock worked as an archaeologist in Central Asia, guided by Yinsen, a brilliant young physicist. The renegades seized his camp's extra ammunition and weapons. Yinsen expected these renegades to attack at dawn, so Arnold and his fiance, Ilona Vermeer, planned to escape on camel. However, Arnold escaped without Ilona to increase his chance of survival.

The renegades threw a grenade near the camel and it bucked off Arnold near four clay warriors. The ground lowered, and Arnold found himself in a strange subterranean cavern made from the petrified hulk of an immense alien spacecraft. Arnold found the ship's power source, a set of mystic gems which turned his skin green and made him the Mandarin.

Fin Fang Foom and his dragon brothers appeared to reclaim their rings. The Mandarin teleported out of the cavern and searched for Ilona and Yinsen. However, he could only find Ilona's rings, which the Mandarin used to hold his mystic gems. Fin Fang Foom found the Mandarin and they formed an alliance. [1]


  • This version of the Mandarin appeared in Iron Man, the 1996 animated series.
  • Voiced by Ed Gilbert in season one and Robert Ito in season two.

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