Lefty Donovan was a small-time hood who was employed by Roderick Kingsley to serve as a test subject for the Goblin Formula. Kingsley knew that the Formula had driven Osborn insane and was not about to try it until he had tested it on someone else.[1]

After being tricked into administering the formula, Donovan was put under mind control by Kingsley and forced to fight Spider-Man in the Hobgoblin costume. From a distance, Kingsley carefully monitored Donovan's vital signs and behavior. When Spider-Man overwhelmed and unmasked Donovan, and his brainwashing began to fail, Kingsley acted quickly to protect his identity by programming Donovan's glider to crash, instantly killing him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Roderick Kingsley of Earth-616.



Goblin Armor


Goblin Weapons, including Pumpkin Bombs


Goblin Glider

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