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Arnold Drake

Arnold Drake

Real Name
Arnold Drake


Date of Birth
Date of Death

March 1 , 1924
March 12, 2007

Professional History

Arnold Drake (March 1, 1924 – March 12, 2007) was an American comic book writer best known for his work on the DC Comics feature "Deadman', for which he was given the Bill Finger Award, and on the DC series Doom Patrol. He also wrote issues of Marvel Comics' X-Men in the 1960s, and created "The Guardians of the Galaxy" with artist Gene Colan. Drake is also notable for co-creating It Rhymes with Lust, perhaps the first American graphic novel ever published.

He received several awards for his comics work, including the 1967 Alley Award for Best Full-Length Story ("Who's Been Lying in My Grave?" in Strange Adventures #205 with Carmine Infantino), and the 1967 Alley Award for Best New Strip ("Deadman" with Carmine Infantino in Strange Adventures).

Preceded by:
Gary Friedrich
X-Men writer
Succeeded by:
Roy Thomas

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