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A neighborhood friend of a young pre-Captain America Steve Rogers. Arnie Roth normally stood up for the scrawny Steve Rogers when he was bullied by neighborhood Brooklyn toughs.[1]

Arnie served with distinction in World War II as a sailor. He did run into Steve Rogers at this time and marveled that he had undergone such a physical transformation (courtesy of the Super-Soldier Serum that made him Captain America).[1]

After the war, Arnie met Steve again, telling him that he had guessed that he was, in fact, the costumed icon, Captain America. Captain America helped Arnie rescue his boyfriend Michael Bech from kidnappers.[1] Michael was later kidnapped again, this time alongside Arnie and was killed during an attack by Helmut Zemo.[2] Arnie later assisted Captain America and his computer hotline for some time.[3]

He eventually died of cancer.[4]


  • Arnie Roth was one of the first openly gay characters of the Marvel Universe.

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