Arthur Smith was abandoned at birth, and spent most of his life in and out of foster homes and later, prison. At some point he became a fan of the singer Alison Blaire, the Dazzler, and grew obsessed with her.

When Dazzler was being targeted by the villainous team known as New Wave, who sought to harvest her light powers to give themselves superhuman abilities, Arthur, in prison, heard the call for all members of New Wave (of which he was one) to apprehend her, but decided to help her, using his powers to render himself invisible to the guards and simply walk out of jail.

Arthur infiltrated New Wave's base, Camp Silence, and witnessed its members being energized by a captive Dazzler. It became clear to Arthur that the procedure would be fatal for Dazzler eventually. Upon the next energizing, Dazzler betrayed New Wave and killed one of its leaders, Silence. Arthur also betrayed New Wave and shot the other leader, Dust, with a gun he had taken off a prison guard, then used his powers to make it appear as though he shot Dazzler, who felt she needed to go underground after killing Silence. Dazzler rewarded Arthur for his help with a kiss on the cheek, and Arthur returned to prison voluntarily.


Arthur Smith possesses the ability to alter others' perceptions of reality. He could effectively render himself invisible to the eyes of others, as well as make others see events that did not occur.

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