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Arthur Barrington was a Canadian Major who was involved in many external political affairs. Part of that was being liaison to Team X, which lead him to make acquaintance with many dangerous people and to know many secrets.[1]

While under the protection of Department H before testimony at an inquest, a brainwashed Maverick attacked him, battling Alphans Guardian and Puck. Maverick was able to free himself from his brainwashing before he killed Barrington, but not before knocking him unconscious. Vindicator and Maverick went to ensure the safety of one of the Department H staff (Pierre Cloche, another possible target for assassination), leaving Puck in charge of Barrington. However, the criminal known as Hammer arrived, took Puck out and killed Barrington.[2]

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Barrington was a trained soldier and had experience in covert operations.

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