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Bennett was an advertisement executive, leader of Bennett Advertising (a small company but with excellent professionals)[1] in Manhattan. In his first encounter with artist Steven Rogers, Bennett insulted Arthur Grossman with antisemitic slurs. Offended at overhearing this, Rogers flatly rejected the possibility of working for Bennett, even if he was in need of job.[2]

Bennett was also member of the so-called Coalition for an Upstanding America. Another member, Jimmy McArthur, supported the idea of using Captain America in their work[3] to promote morality in the media. McArthur (whom Bennett called McAuthor) hired Bennett Advertisement for the work, and in turn Bennett tried to hire artist Steven Rogers, unaware of the fact that Rogers was secretly Captain America.[1] They did started a publicity campaign, but they had failed to obtain Captain America's authorization, who insisted in retiring those. As Rogers, however, he agreed to work for Bennett, as a part of a plan to find supervillain Scarecrow. Bennett was later injured by the Scarecrow.[4]

Bennett later reprimanded Rogers for not finishing a toothpaste presentation for Brushrite in time, as Rogers had been busy as Captain America. Unable to ensure reliability to Bennett Advertisement, Rogers resigned in good terms with Bennett.[5]

When Rogers moved from his Brooklyn apartment, he gave a farewell party and Bennett was invited. Bennett told Rogers that he missed him professionally.[6]

Not long after that, when Captain America's reputation was damaged after a mission in Switzerland, Rogers contacted Bennett to ask for help for "a celebrity client with a P.R. (Public Relations) problem." Bennett agreed to meet with that person, unaware of their identity. However, before the meeting, Captain America decided to solve his problem on his own.[7]



He uses glasses and smokes cigarettes.

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