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The Draxophonist

At some point before the Coxmic Brick Crisis, Drax became a jazz musician known as the 'Draxophonist' before giving it up later in life.

Visiting New York

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Visiting New York on Earth, Drax decided to come back to his life of Jazz, being annoyed at the lack of Superhero musicians. After a helpful ally gave him a saxophone, his career comeback could begin.

Having begun his revival performances, Drax was attacked by A.I.M. soldiers, who did not appreciate his music. Luckily, Drax and his allies were able to fend them off.

Trying to bring more life to his Jazz performances, Drax had consultants of his bring a live Lion to his stage. [1]

Kang's Invasion

Drax, along with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, arrived on Earth shortly after the threat of Galactus. Thinking they had responded to a distress call, Nick Fury told them they were late. However, the Guardians informed him that they had come because of Kang's Invasion. [1] [2]



Seemingly those of the Arthur Douglas of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Arthur Douglas of Earth-616.


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