Quote1 Run while you can, Mad Titan. Hide where you will, Cruel One. I will grind your bones to dust. Drax will be your death. Drax will be your destroyer. Quote2
-- Drax the Destroyer src

Drax the Destroy was bent on killing the Mad Titan Thanos, and tracked him down throughout New Xandar for a long time.

During his journey, Drax found the corpse of Thanos, who had been killed by his future self and had his place taken by him. Drax believed the corpse to be an illusion, as he still sensed the presence of the Mad Titan, and continued his mission.[1]

Drax finally pinned down Thanos and his allies, the Bakian Clan (who were unaware of Thanos' evil nature), when they were confronting the Knights of Xandar in Magus City. After being attacked by Menzin Bakian, who believed Drax to be one of the Knights of Xandar, the Destroyer revealed to him Thanos' true nature. Drax finally engaged Thanos, but the Mad Titan had just acquired five of the six Infinity Stones, and he easily snapped Drax's neck, killing him.[2]


Seemingly those of the Arthur Douglas of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Arthur Douglas of Earth-616.

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