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Originally the human avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu, Arthur Harrow operated as a vigilante, dispersing justice in his god's name. Growing tired of both Khonshu's constant demands and the fact that his retribution came to those who had already caused harm, Harrow was persuaded by Khonshu's fellow Ennead, Ammit, to betray his master and swear allegiance to her.[1] Setting up a close-knitted community in the Austrian Alps, Harrow became the leader of a cult to his new master's worship, the Disciples of Ammit. Harrow acquired a staff that contained a sliver of Ammit's power, which originally belonged to her first avatar. Ammit's influence also manifested in Harrow as a shifting tattoo of a pair of scales. Using the staff in conjunction with the tattoo, Harrow was capable of passing Ammit's judgment to those he touched. Ammit looked into a person's entire life, including their future, and if she deemed that they did or would commit a wrongdoing, their life-force would be drained out of them.[2]

Harrow planned to use a magical compass named the Scarab of Ammit to unearth his master's secret tomb in Egypt and have her enact her judgment on the entire world. Before Ammit's disciples could obtain the Scarab, it was stolen by Marc Spector, a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder and Harrow's successor as Khonshu's avatar. Despite the intermittent manifestation of Marc's meek alter of Steven Grant interfering in his mission, Spector managed to escape to London with the Scarab. Harrow and his disciples tracked down Grant to his workplace at the National Art Gallery, and Arthur personally confronted Grant to explain both his power and his intentions. After Steven ran away, Harrow used Ammit's power to summon a jackal that chased Steven until his alter of Marc Spector took control and fended off the creature as Moon Knight.[2]

The following day, two of Harrow's disciples tracked down Steven to his apartment. Under the disguise of police officers, they took him away and brought him to a neighbor that housed another of Arthur's communities. After introducing Steven to it and further expressing his views, Harrow attempted to force Steven to give him the Scarab. Marc's wife Layla El-Faouly intervened, since she had come into possession of the Scarab, and she escaped with Grant. Harrow summoned another jackal, and although Marc managed to kill it after taking control of Steven's body, the Scarab was lost during the struggle. Harrow retrieved it from a homeless man that picked it up, killing him in the process.[1] Harrow and his disciples traveled to Cairo, following the Scarab's directions, and began digging in the sand after it pointed to the location of Ammit's tomb. The excavation was briefly interrupted when Khonshu called an assembly of the Ennead on the Chamber of the Gods inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, causing their human avatars to be called in via portals. Khonshu called for Harrow to be judged for trying to free Ammit, but Arthur turned the tables of Khonshu, successfully denying the accusation and depicting Khonshu in a bad light.

As an alternative to the Scarab, Spector and El-Faouly tracked down the sarcophagus of Senfu, a medjay who had recorded the location of Ammit's tomb. They arranged a meeting with the owner of the sarcophagus, an antiquities collector named Anton Mogart. Disciples of Harrow tipped him off of Spector's whereabouts, and Harrow intercepted their meeting. He persuaded Mogart to help him, and showed off a portion of his power by destroying the sarcophagus. He then left the scene while his disciples and Mogart's men confronted Moon Knight. As part of Spector and El-Faouly's subsequent efforts to decipher the location of the tomb from the sarcophagus' cartonnage, Khonshu used his powers to rewind the night sky. The Ennead punished him for tampering with the sky by tethering his essence to an ushabti inside the Chamber of the Gods, and Harrow later visited him to gloat.[3]

Harrow then went into the tomb of Alexander the Great, Ammit's former avatar. There, he confronted Layla, and told her that Marc was present when her father was killed. He and his followers then found the sarcophagus and surrounded Marc. Without his powers, Marc tried to fight against them, but was killed by Harrow.[4] He then took Ammit's ushabti off of Marc's corpse. Leading his followers into the Pyramid of Giza, Harrow defeated the avatars of the Ennead, and released Ammit. Despite his imbalance, he was accepted as Ammit's new avatar. As the two started to pass judgement on the world, Harrow was attacked by Moon Knight and Layla, who had become the temporary avatar of Taweret. In the end, Harrow was defeated, and Ammit was bound to his body. Marc refused to kill him, and he was sent to a hospital. However, he was brought out of the hospital by Jake Lockley, Marc's third personality, who continued to serve Khonshu. Under Khonshu's orders, Jake shot and killed Harrow.[5]



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  • Multilingualism: Harrow is fluent in several languages including English, Mandarin[1] and Arabic.[3]



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