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Arthur Krane is the son of Senator Peter Krane, a demagogical politician. A sociopath, Arthur began torturing and killing animals as a child before moving on to humans, relying on his father to cover up his dark secret.[2] After Senator Krane became affiliated with the Friends of Humanity and began appealing to and inflaming the growing anti-extraterrestrial prejudice in order to gain supporters for his presidential campaign, Arthur began secretly plotting to murder his father and usurp his senatorial seat. To this end, Arthur developed a kindhearted persona to appeal to the masses, disapproving of his father's hardline xenophobic stance. Following a rally where his father announced his affiliation with the Friends of Humanity, Arthur openly expressed disgust at Peter's statement that he would happily call for the deportation of extraterrestrial superheroes like Hyperion and Thor, and even instigate a genocide if it meant securing his presidency. In the weeks that followed, the Carnage symbiote - piloted by Cletus Kasady's codex - hopped from host to host until it reached Arthur and possessed him. Initially intending to use Arthur as a stepping stone to take over Senator Krane, Carnage came to see him as a kindred spirit and successor to Cletus Kasady, and co-opted Arthur's assassination plot into its own goals.[3][2]

Tricking Agent Anti-Venom and Iron Man into believing that Peter Krane was Carnage, Cletus used the powers that Knull had granted him to impose his will on other symbiotes; corrupting the symbiotes formerly affiliated with the Life Foundation - Phage, Lasher, Riot, Agony, and Scream - and a few unknown Symbiotes, and integrating them into a Hive under his control.[4][5][6][5][1] While this occurred, Arthur Krane continued to act as usual to avoid rousing suspicion,[5] defending Communications Director Gemma Shin - the host of the Agony symbiote - from their sexist coworkers and confiding that he intended to run against his father in the near future.

As Carnage.

When all the pieces had fallen into place, Arthur Krane unveiled himself as Carnage's host and - under Cletus' control - mortally wounded Hank, a veteran who Agent Anti-Venom had sent to spy on Senator Krane, before setting out to assassinate his father.[1] Carnage ripped Senator Krane to pieces before a crowd of his supporters, siccing his followers on them. The timely intervention of Sleeper, Agent Anti-Venom, Toxin, and Silence helped minimize the casualties, and Alchemax's Guardsmen begrudgingly allied with them as well. While battling Agent Anti-Venom, Arthur was separated from the Carnage symbiote by Iron Man, who had bonded to his Extrembiote armor to test its capabilities. Arthur mocked Iron Man for thinking the fight was over, as Carnage assimilated the Extrembiote to become a symbiote-dragon and flew away.

Despite Carnage revealing his secrets, Arthur's plan came to fruition and he took his father's senatorial seat with his reputation intact. However, Arthur had become addicted to the power Carnage had given him and swore fealty to Gemma - who had escaped and remained bonded to the Agony symbiote, acting as Carnage's emmissary.[2]


Seeking to cultivate a personality opposite that of his demagogue father, Arthur Krane portrayed himself as a compassionate individual who believes that not all aliens are evil,[3] and who strongly disapproves of the rampant sexism in Senator Krane's office.[1] However, Arthur is an ambitious and ruthless sociopath with many parallels to Cletus Kasady, to the point that the Carnage symbiote deemed him a worthy host. After bonding to the Carnage symbiote, Arthur became addicted to its power and swore fealty to Gemma Shin in exchange for her help getting it back after being separated from it.[2]

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