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The King of Atlantis and first among metamutants. Former member of the All-Star Winners Squadron. In 1940, Namor was the lone surviver of the destruction of the Atlantean city Poseidonis. He came to the surface to protect the oceans from further damage from landdwellers, leading to several conflicts with the law. In 1941, Human Lantern battled Namor (based on events in the Marvel Universe). Later, these two, plus the Whiz, found All-Star Winners Squad. By 1946, Mariner leaves the All-Stars to seek out Atlantis. (Based on events in the Marvel/DC Universe) Tom Harper contacts the Mariner in 1955 and offers to help him to discover the fate of Atlantis. Mariner grudgingly accepts, though he is hesitant to let surface-dwellers obtain such knowledge. (Based on events in Marvel/DC universe) In 1956, Marko Xavier (Mr. X) assumes an advisory position with Tom Harper's Project Cadmus, and funds many efforts to aid the Mariner's search for Atlantis. Cadmus abandons this one year later. When three Roxxon Oil freighters were torched in his name, the U.S. government sent in many troops without investigation. Mariner had been framed by Will Magnus, but he was captured by his fellow JLA members and imprisoned without trial, causing a rift within the JLA. Mariner was freed by the JLX and was determined to lead them to lost Atlantis, the city of Homo Superior, the long-lost metamutant safe-haven. During the Armageddon Agenda (the program that authorized Will Magnus to use his Sentinels to destroy all metamutants), Mariner was captured but escaped only to be exiled from his beloved Atlantis.[1][2][3]

Powers and Abilities


All the powers of both Sub-Mariner and Aquaman.


All the abilities of both Sub-Mariner and Aquaman.

Physical Strength

Over 310,000 tons



His grappling trident

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