In this new universe, Franklin made a recreation the Living Laser, a regular foe of the Avengers. On Counter-Earth, Arthur Parks would be owner of Parks Fiberoptics, a company that was bought out by the ruthless CEO of Stark International: Tony Stark. When Stark was acquitted of all charges against him in a court case against the city of New York, Parks (who was now poor) would leave his wife Amy in order to focus on getting revenge on Stark.

Breaking into his old building, he would use the technology there to transform himself into the Living Laser. With his new laser powers, the Living Laser would attack Stark at his own home. Unknown to Parks at the time was that Tony had changed his ways and since became the armored super-hero known as Iron Man.

As they fought, Iron Man would learn why Parks was attacking him; he would try to atone for what he had done and convince Parks to stop his attack. Arthur would refuse to do so and Iron Man would be forced to destroy his containment armor causing his laser form to dissipate, killing him.

Later, when Iron Man had joined the Avengers, he would join his comrades in investigating the reactivation of the gamma core on their abandoned Avengers Island base. There they would learn that it was now a rip in the fabric of space/time and that it was spawning villains for them to fight. At that moment it was spawning new enemies, among them the Living Laser. This energy was dissipated by Iron Man's repulsor rays.

While the gamma cores energies were absorbed Loki and subsequently rejected, at least one of the villains spawned that day (the Super-Adaptoid) has since been seen; however, the ultimate fate of the Living Laser remains unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Arthur Parks (Earth-616)#Powers.

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