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King Arthur Pendragon reincarnated in a baby in the year 2076. As his parents were busy professionals, they froze the embryo for years - thus, in 2093, 17-year-old Arthur still had a child's body. Merlin, his mentor, came to help him at this stage, got enraged at the situation, froze the kid's parents, and then started working with Arthur who was surprisingly insightful and helpful.[1]

As a threat loomed over England and Earth, Arthur agreed with Merlin that they had to summon some champions. Merlin brought two knights from the 20th century: Iron Man and Doctor Doom. Although Doom was reticent to help, he was unable to escape his fate. Together, they defeated Victor von Doom from their time, and Iron Man's descendant Andros Stark before going back to their time, without any memories of their encounter.[1]

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Reincarnation: Arthur has the memories of his previous encarnations.


Extraordinary insight and maturity for his age.

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