Arthur Reynolds worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art restoring priceless artifacts. However, he felt that younger employees were being advanced over him and he became increasingly bitter. Eventually he made plans to steal a giant urn which he had been working on, but was discovered by Mr. Wylie, the museum curator, who demanded to be cut into the deal.

While working on restoring the urn, Reynolds learned that his co-worker, Lawrence Chesney, had been the criminal known as Copperhead, and had perished in combat. Reynolds deduced that the very thorough Chesney would probably have a spare costume hid somewhere. He beat the police to Chesney's apartment and did indeed find a second costume which he stole. As Copperhead, Reynolds forced Wylie to help him carry out plans to get the giant urn out of the museum unnoticed. Copperhead still killed Wylie once he was no longer of use, a crime which the White Tiger was briefly blamed for.

Copperhead was confronted by both the Tiger and the Human Fly in the museum, but was still able to flip the switch, activating his plan to smuggle the urn out of the museum. Unbeknown to Copperhead, a group of school children had actually taken refuge around the very same urn and were lowered into the tunnel beneath the museum along with the urn. The children and the Fly all climbed into the urn and were soon floating down the unopened subway tunnel as water flooded the cavern. The Human Fly stayed with the children in order to ensure their safety while the White Tiger continued to fight Copperhead. Copperhead's art thief friends were waiting on the other side of the tunnel, but had been secretly followed by Daredevil who quickly dispatched them.

When the Tiger and Copperhead also arrived at the end of the tunnel shaft, Copperhead decided that he was going to kill the children inside the urn because they were in his way. This idea did not even sit well with his gang, who quickly turned on the super-villan, and he was quickly opposed by both the White Tiger and the Human Fly. The White Tiger kicked Copperhead back into the water where he quickly sank due to the weight of his suit of armour. When the police later drained the tunnel, however, no body was found.




Copperhead wore a bulletproof suit of copper armour which granted him superhuman strength and greatly increased his resistance to blunt injury.


Copperhead carried a pneumatically-powered copper pistol which fired copperhead-venom or tranquilizer darts. He could also use the pneumatic capsules from his weaponry to blow open locks.

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