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Arthur Shaman was a rather abrasive mercenary who worked for A.I.M. Though his arrogance was hard on the nerves of his employers, he was ideally suited for minor missions of capture and manipulation, and they regularly hired him to conduct those.

When an A.I.M. base in New York City was uncovered by press editor Carol Danvers (alias Ms. Marvel), an A.I.M. task force investigated the security failure. Suspecting a leak in their organization, they retained Arthur Shaman, who decided that Danvers' psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Barnett, probably knew all about her.

Shaman met Barnett in a bar in Manhattan, hypnotized him, and forced him to follow him to an A.I.M. base near Central Park. Despite his bravado, Shaman soon found his control was fading, and submitted the psychiatrist to Psycho-Conditioner after Barrett nearly made an escape. So, Shaman, agent B-4, and the other agents learned that Danvers had been having recurrent dreams of being attacked by the Hulk.

Shaman perplexingly suggested to capture the Hulk and send him after the journalist so A.I.M. wouldn't be linked to her death. Taking him at his word, A.I.M. sent the powerful Warbot to attack Dr. Strange's Mansion, which was serving as the headquarters of the Defenders, who back then associated with Hulk. Warbot defeated the Defenders and captured the Hulk.

Fortunately, Ms. Marvel had a premonition about the attack, and Nigthawk attached a transmitter to the A.I.M. ship transporting the Warbot. Along with Hellcat, the heroes followed the ship to an A.I.M. laboratory in Long Island. As they fought the Warbot, Shaman tried to intervene but was defeated by Hellcat, who covered his eyes and caused him to run into a tree, knocking him out. The other agents were also captured, and the Warbot and the laboratory destroyed.



Shaman was a master of hypnosis, enabling him to control others’ wills. He also used a gun and probably had the training of a normal A.I.M. field operative.

Arthur Shaman might be a mutant, but his nigh-mystical ability combined with an ominous name usually indicates a minor paranormal background.

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