Freakout was an up and coming heavy metal rock star until a drug overdose severely damaged his brain, rendering him completely insensitive to his body. He became a captive patient at the New Life Clinic run by Lionel Jeffries. [2][3]

After the escape by himself and several other patients with the assistance of Aurora,[4] he was captured by Bedlam and became a member of his team of Derangers. The Derangers were set against Alpha Flight and eventually the two teams turned on Bedlam. Freakout was the first to attack Bedlam directly and also the first to die when Bedlam impaled several shards of metal in his chest. [3]


Freakout had no superhuman powers but his mind was distanced from his body in that he could act on pure emotion and his mind did not register any damage done to his body, thus he could keep on fighting until he won or there was too much damage done to his body.

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