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Senator Arthur Woodman

Mr. Woodman was an agent of Hydra a well as a Senator, who worked to corrupt Roger Brokeridge, also known as Hardball, to insure that Hydra had someone on the inside of Camp Hammond and used him to steal a vial of Super-Power Inhibiting Nanobots.[4]

He hired the Vulturions to steal Baron von Blitzschlag's classified government documents concerning the greatest gamma ray experiments.[3]

Woodman was informed by Secretary Gyrich about the experiments concerning the Tactigon and the Gauntlet Armor.[2]

After the Secret Invasion, Hardball's status as an agent for Hydra led to a confrontation against the rest of his Heavy Hitters team and a visiting Komodo. Hardball killed Senator Woodman after the man used Komodo's Connors Formula to turn himself into a monster, Hardball then effectively became the new leader of Woodman's Hydra cell.[5]



After using Komodo's Connors Formula, Woodman turned into a giant lizard-like creature able to regenerate a limb in seconds.[5]

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