The Artificial Intelligence Data Analyser, or AIDA, is a computer-based artificial intelligence system created by the heroic genius Thomas Thompson, also known as Tom Thumb of the Squadron Supreme. Tom Thumb enjoyed a flirty relationship with the AIDA after imbuing it with a female personality and came to feel that she was his only real friend, to the extent that she was the only one he trusted with the truth about his cancer diagnosis.[1]

AIDA tried several times to persuade her creator to tell his teammates in the Squadron about his cancer, but he forbade her to reveal his secret. She disobeyed him though and told the recently behaviour modified Ape X, though this was ultimately to no avail.[2]

After Tom died from his cancer AIDA and Ape X became close friends. They worked closely and secretly to create an robotic body resembling Tom which they were planning to animate with his recorded brain patterns. Their project was ultimately unfinished though when Ape X experienced a mental fugue caused by her behaviour modification.[3]

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