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Asgalun was the capital of Pelishtia, and the most important coastal city of Shem.[4]


Early years

The ancestors of Bêlit were kings in Asgalun for generations.[3]

Azumelek's rule

Azumelek was the king of Pelishtia. He bore two sons, Akhîrom and Uriaz, both of whom would become king of Asgalun later.[5]

Atrahasis' rule

Atrahasis would come to rule Asgalun. He sired a daughter, Bêlit, whom he raised without a mother. Atrhasis' brother Nim-Karrak, whose obvious ambitions Atrahasis had ignored, smuggled Stygians into the city and had his brother and his followers slaughtered. Atrahasis' advisor.

N'yaga, with the help of a few royal guardsmen, managed to snatch Bêlit away and return to the Southern Isles, where Bêlit became known as the Goddess daughter of Derketa, and later formed the Black Corsairs to plunder the Stygians and the Northern merchants until she would return to Asgalun to become the Queen of the Black Coast,[3]

Nim-Karrak's rule

Stygian annexation

Prince Khamun, sent by King Ctesphon III to have Asgalun become a client-state of Stygia with him as monarch, consequently decided to have Uriaz arrested and his execution scheduled.[6]

Uriaz's rule

Bêlit wished to be free to roam the oceans, and though she couldn't lose the crown until her death, she preferred to force it upon Uriaz. Moments later, conflict erupted among the Asgalunim over whether Uriaz or Akhîrom should be king. The situation escalated to the point where each faction -- the Shemites, Kushites, and Hyrkanians -- came again at the other's throat; meanwhile, Akhîrom arrived from the northeast,[6] with an army of Anakim mercenaries,[5] the troops of King Sumuabi of Anakia.[7]

Using the Anakim led by General Othbaal, as well as the Kushites of General Imbalayo and the Hyrkanians led by General Mazdak, Akhîrom overthrew and slew his brother Uriaz and assumed control of Asgalun and Pelishtia.[5]

Points of Interest

  • Royal Palace[8]
  • Great East Palace[5]
  • Lesser West Palace[5]
  • River Quarter[5]
  • Kushite Quarter[5]
  • Garden of Abibaal[5]
  • Square of Adonis[5]
  • Inner City[5]
    • Othbaal's house (Formerly Mazdak's house and Uriaz's pleasure house)[5]
  • Inn of the Black Dragon[9]

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