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Quote1.png You asked us to build a city fit for gods. This is better. Quote2.png
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After the fall of the City of Asgard,[1] Tony Stark offered to rebuild it with the new repulsor technology. The result was a new modernized Asgard, now called Asgardia, a junction between technology and magic, ruled by the All-Mother while Odin was in a self-imposed exile in Asgard.[2]

Asgardia stood on the same place the former city did when it was brought to Earth, but the All-Mother later decided to leave Earth, so Asgardians could be better controlled.[3] Asgardia then relocated to near the Moon,[4] before being moved into orbit around Saturn.[5]

Asgardia's destruction

When the Mangog returned, he initially attacked the old Asgard before being directed by Malekith to the Asgardians' latest home.[6] After rampaging through Asgardia and defeating many of its warriors, Mangog confronted Odinson and Odin.[7] In the middle of the battle, Mangog reached the controls that piloted Asgardia and destroyed them, hurling the planetoid in direction to the Sun.[8] While the new Thor faced the Mangog, the Asgardians managed to evacuate the city, and reached the Moon. As Asgardia was set ablaze by its proximity to the Sun, the Mangog was defeated and Thor died in Odinson's arms. He managed to escape Asgardia's destruction at the last second, and joined his fellow Asgardians with Jane Foster's corpse in his arms.[9]

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