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Civic and Military service are one in the same in the Nine Realms, with nearly all of Asgard's citizens trained and equipped for combat. Though many citizens play roles that would reflect traditional peacetime occupations, service is mandatory and all are prepared to take up arms at a moment’s notice. This is even more so for the leadership of Asgard, with the political representatives of Asgard's people doubling as military leaders, strategists, and frontline combatants; even Queen War Thor is no exception to this rule, and regularly can be found heading up expeditionary forces or quelling rebellion throughout Battleworld.[1]


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Prior to the Maestro’s campaign across Battleworld, Asgard and the Nine Realms carried on much as they had across the history of the multiverse. The Realms quarreled, the Asgardians stomped out opponents and insurrections, and the Aesir people lived in the opulent but hard-edged comfort they were known for. Relations with the other peoples of Battleworld were positive, based on long histories of old association and mutual benefit, the names and unity of the old heroes not forgotten even as time marched on. When the Maestro arrived, Asgard's people found themselves unprepared, moreso than any could have fathomed. Though they fought bravely with their well-known tenacity, the Maestro was simply too powerful and his armies too great, and the heroic Asgardians buckled under the weight of his strength.[1]

In a desperate move, Odin did the unthinkable and shattered the Bifrost. With the rainbow bridge destroyed, Maestro and his invading armies were forced back out of Asgard, but the resulting blast was disastrous and seemingly took Odin's life in the process. An unnatural frost spread throughout Asgard afterwards, causing massive shards and crystalline structures of unmelting ice to sprout from deep below the earth. The towering glaciers shattered mountains, tore cities apart, and transformed the land irrevocably, with no end in sight. As the dust settled, panic overcame the varied peoples of the Nine Realms, and wars quickly broke out all across the lands, all previous bonds and allegiances forsaken in the name of raw survival. It would be a year of conflict and strife before a new leader arose, one with the strength and will to tame the new Asgard. That leader would be War Thor.[1]






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