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Ashake is an ancient Egyptian sorceress and servant of the goddess Ma'at (Oshtur). She aided Magik and Mirage when they were lost in time. Her striking resemblance to her direct descendant, Ororo Munroe, initially confused the New Mutants.[1] She and Illyana were captured by Heka-Nut and forced to recover the Sword of Bone. After they defeated Heka-Nut, Ashake trapped his power in an urn.[2]

She, along with Morgan Le Fay and Llyra, aided Ian McNee to free the soul of Heka-Nut and thwart the plans of Chthon to replenish the soul of Heka-Nut. In doing so, Chthon was banished but the Darkhold tainted the soul of Ian and Ashake was brought to the present. Oshtur appeared to tell them that more work would need to be done by them to use the Cornerstones of Creation to repair the structure of magic.[3]


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Magic: Ashake is a sorceress who worships the Egyptian goddess Ma'at, also known as Oshtur, the mother of Agamotto. Among Ashake's sorceress powers are the ability to create illusions, telepathically read the memories of others, sense the presence of other sorcerers (even through the timeline), learn other languages, and cast a "guiding spell."


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  • Bone Cards: Ashake is able to use bone cards (which function similarly to modern day Tarot Cards) to understand the influences that shape the lives of herself and others. Known cards include:
    • Nu: Nu of the primordial waters
    • Amun: Amun who rules air and the invisible.
    • Hauhet: Hauhet, whose influence is space and visible matter.
    • Keku: Keku, whose domain is darkness and chaos
    • Swords: Swords mark a loyalty to Ma'at, gray goddess of balance and order.


Ashake is one of the White haired, blue-eyed priestess ancestors of Ororo Munroe.

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