Quote1.png I'm supposed to say I want you to go back to the group home you ran away from. Stay in school. Brush between meals. But what fun would that be. Quote2.png
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The daughter of Peter Parker's youngest daughter, Tonya, and Hawkeye, Ashley Barton did not like the way the Kingpin was running Hammer Falls, so she formed a team of super-heroes with her friends and attempted to take control of his territory, only to be captured and set to be executed.[1]

Ashley as a teenager

Her father broke her out of her cell, only to be shocked when Ashley killed the Kingpin, to take over his territory for her own, using her new-found power to attempt to kill him as well.[4] Logan rescued Hawkeye with his Spider-Mobile and Ashley sent her men after them.[5]


Ashley eventually let go of her grudge and embraced her family legacy, calling herself Spider-Girl.[3] She was recruited by the Superior Spider-Man from Earth-616 to kill Karn, an individual who was hunting spider-themed people across the Multiverse,[6] later changing her codename to Spider-Woman.[3] She ultimately survived the conflict and returned to her home dimension with the other surviving Spiders.[7]



  • Ashley apparently has not displayed Spider-Sense.[3]


  • Ashley's nickname, "Spider-Bitch," was changed in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #10 to the more family-friendly "Spider-Woman."
  • Apparently, Ultron 8, a friend of Ashley's mother, was a better father to her than Clint.[9]

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