Ashley G. Williams is the Ashley Williams of Earth-2149. He has slight differences between Ashley J. Williams such as his right hand is still intact and he doesn't have either the chainsaw attached or the robotic hand (due to him not experiencing what Ashley J Williams went through). He was a store clerk prior to the zombie infection, and when it had arose he thought he would be a hero, and got a chainsaw and shotgun to help stop the threat. He manages to kill a zombified Hulkling and a zombie Multiple Man, and witnesses M.O.D.O.K.'s death. He ultimately is killed because he is following Ashley J. Williams and Dazzler around, when a zombified Howard the Duck bites the back of his cranium off, killing him immediately. It led Dazzler to believe that it is Ashley J. Williams who is killed, because he is taken by someone who has red gloves and Howard the Duck is seen wearing similar red gloves. His counterpart feels kind of saddened for his death.[1]


  • He is apparently a skilled marksman (similar to Ashley J. Williams) and knows how to use a chainsaw.


  • Due to him not being a superhero, he has all the weaknesses of an average human being.


  • He has a chainsaw and shotgun similar to Ashley J. Williams.
  • This Ash dislikes most of the Marvel Superheroes (judging from a panel where he is in an action hero pose and Dazzler is on her knees holding on to his leg, Dazzler seems to be the only exception), revealed in a panel showing him agreeing with J. Jonah Jameson's remarks about Spider-Man being a menace.
  • This Ash seems to like Dazzler, but not for her superheroism. He seems to like Dazzler because of her attractiveness.
  • This Ash also apparently dislikes his job, shown when he lazily points out adult diapers to a customer and seems to be unenthusiastic when showing other customers a television set showing the carnage happening in the streets.

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