In 1965, Ashley Hunt was a physicist who worked for his government. Driven by greed, he was focused on his own personal project of building a Time Machine, whom he kept secret of his coworkers (including Dave and Harold).[2]

Once the machine was built, Ashley intended to return to the year 2680 B.C. and retrieve the treasure stored in Tut-kin-Tut's tomb and lost since an earthquake occurred in 2680 B.C by traveling to the year 2699 B.C.[2]

There, unable to open the casket of Tut-kin-Tut (where he assumed the treasure was buried), he went back to 1965 A.D. to fetch a shovel, a valise and explosives, but returned to 2699 B.C. one hour too early, encountering his past-self. As both claimed the treasure, the older Hunt knocked out his past-self, only to vanish from existence while the past-self awoke hours later in an amnesic state.[2]

Exiting the tomb and wandering in the desert, he was found and saved by Egyptians who would become his friends.[2]

35 years later, and 15 years after the earthquake who would make Tut-kin-Tut's tomb hidden from all (with Ashley Hunt's equipment and time machine), Ashley Hunt dreamed of the event that led him there, causing him to ask himself if he was Ashley Hunt all along.[2]

Ashley Hunt was a greedy man.[2]

  • Egypt's entry in Marvel Atlas #2 states that the "Pharaoh Tut-kin-Tut was evidently the time traveler Ashley Hunt", although that statement contradicts the whole story developed in Tales of Suspense #3.

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