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Dr. Ashley Kafka was born and raised in New York City along with her sister, Norma Kafka, by their mother. Her sister was sadly born with birth defects to her face and was mentally challenged. Her mother died when Kafka was only nineteen years old and Norma was institutionalised not long after, dying at the facility. Ashley went off the college at Empire State University where she studied psychology.[3]

She demonstrated great skill in treating super-criminals with her psychiatric skills.[3] She was eventually brought in to run the Ravencroft Institute by US government. One of her first patients she treated there was Vermin, a former orderly turned into a rat-like monster. [3] While there she treated many criminally insane super-villains, including Electro,[citation needed] Vulture,[citation needed] Carnage,[citation needed] Chameleon,[citation needed] and Doctor Octopus.[citation needed]

Dr. Kafka was murdered by one of the patients of Ravencroft, the serial killer Massacre, when he made his escape from the institute.[4] Along with numerous allies of Spider-Man, Dr. Kafka was brought back to life by the new Jackal using a sophisticated cloning process in his attempt to sway the hero into cooperating with his enterprise.[5] Dr. Kafka eventually died from clone degeneration, but a second clone of her was discovered by Norman Osborn.[6] Kafka was sent to Ravencroft Institute,[7] where Dr. Karl Malus falsified her bloodwork to make Jameson believe she was the original. Following the Unwanted's attempted takeover and destruction of the asylum, Kafka was made the chief medical researcher.[6]

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  • Psychology: Dr. Kafka has an MD with a Psychology. She is considered to be the best psychological doctors in the country. Her expertise is in the treatment of super-criminals.[3]

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