Quote1 Every heart-- no matter how twisted-- possesses some spark of decency... of inherent humanity... that can be nurtured and-- Quote2
-- Dr. Ashley Kafka src

Dr. Ashley Kafka seemingly had a similar history as her Earth-616 counterpart. She was a psychologist at Ravencroft Institute and the doctor of Carnage. During this time she befriended the superhero that captured Kasady: Spider-Man.

Disordered Minds

Much to Dr. Kafka's dismay, the United States Congress appointed Cassandra Briar to cure Carnage's mental illness through a biotech chip inhibiting his hostile tendencies. She considered the procedure inhumane, but she was overruled. The experiment was apparently a success so Brair took Kafka and Kasady to Gotham City as evidence that the procedure worked. Cassandra used them to convince Dr. Jeremiah Arkham to allow Cassandra to use the procedure on his patient, The Joker. After he was cured, Ashley was present during Cassandra's press conference.[1]


Seemingly those of the Ashley Kafka of Earth-616.

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