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At a conference outside New York City Hall, Senator Ashton announces that there is a vaccine that can cure being a mutant. Immediately after there was the intervention of Madrox and to follow a great confusion that culminated with the kidnapping of the Senator together with Kitty Pryde who found themselves prisoners together with Apocalypse.[1]

It was later discovered that the one who had kidnapped them was Nate Gray who was holding them captive on an island in British Columbia.[2]

During his imprisonment, Ashton had to listen to the various diatribes between Kitty, Apocalypse and Nate Gray.[3]

Senator Allen was released from captivity by the X-Men along with Kitty Pryde and Apocalypse.[4]

During the clash between the X-Men and Legion, Apocalypse took advantage of the confusion to confront Senator Ashton and kill him, but was saved at the last moment by Kitty Pryde who had him phased as Apocalypse hit him and brought him to safety. Ashton was impressed by Kitty Pryde's action by telling her that she had saved him despite the things he said against the mutants and got her answer that that was what the X-Men did, that they were heroes to everyone.[5]

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