Ashtoroth and his fellow dragons Sarafand and Kharad Dur served the Nethergod Necromon. One day, Necromon ordered Ashtoroth to slay the Black Knight and his flying steed Valinor. After killing Askalan and his soldiers, Ashtoroth ambushed Black Knight and chased after him as he flew on Valinor. Black Knight was able wound to Ashtoroth with the mystical sword Excalibur. Despite being wounded, Ashtoroth was able to grab Black Knight but didn't get far due to his wound. Black Knight then injured one of Ashtoroth's wings, causing the dragon to crash to the ground. Near death, Ashtoroth asked Black Knight to end his suffering in return for giving him the power of a dragon lord. Black Knight complied and slew Ashtoroth.[2]


  • Fire Breath
  • Flight
  • Capable of speech
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability


Claws and tail

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