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Modern Age[]

In the heart of the Near East, many oil wells were destroyed by Metal Master, until he was ordered by the Hulk to rectify all the damage done.[2]

Doctor Strange traveled in spirit form to a hidden temple somewhere in the remote vastness of Asia to visit his master, who told him to depend on his magic amulet if danger threatened him.[3]

In his quest to seek out information about Eternity, while fighting off opposition from Baron Mordo and his minions, Dr. Strange traveled across Asia, however with each mystic he visited, Strange found dead ends. Visiting the Aged Genghis, Dr. Strange was given a scroll that was supposed to bring him to Eternity.[4]

Hercules and Hawkeye came here to save the Black Widow, but ended up being captured by Colonel Ling and the Red Guardian.[5]
They were soon followed by the remaining Avengers, who rescued the trio and defeated their captors.[6]

The Executioner and the Enchantress were ordered by the Mandarin to invade the Asian sub-continent with their Troll legions to secure its largest diamond reserves, but the two immortals preferred to battle Hercules and Scarlet Witch in the Citadel of Silence.[7]

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