The Asinine Torch was an anthropomorphic donkey who used to do battle against the Sub-Marsupial. In his old age, he ran a hotdog cart, but was approached by his old enemy Weaselly Whizzard who was no longer a villain but instead was the "Grand Whizzard of of Professional Wrestling" and asked the Torch to join as a wrestler. During his first match he was pitted against the Sub-Marsupial but instead of fighting they began to reminisce about the past. This angered the Torch's manager, Weaselly Whizzard, and Sub-Marsupial punched him out of the ring. This brought the referee who tried to penalize him, so the Torch attacked him, and eventually the pair had to battle the entire audience. Torch and Sub-Marsupial were the ultimate victors and left to continue reminiscing.[1]

This character is the Larval Earth counterpart of the android Human Torch of the Golden Age. He is not to be confused with the Simian Torch, the Larval Earth version of Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch of the Silver Age.

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