The Aspirants were the result of the First Firmament's loneliness, which led him to create life to have beings who served and entertained him. Due to the agenda of the multicolored rebel Celestials,[2] the Celestial War broke out, for the dominion of all existence.[4]

As the war approached an end, the Aspirants created the Godkiller Armor to turn the tide of the battle and annihilate the Celestials. The Godkiller was stripped of some of its components to provide key elements for the Aspirant's fleets, which entered a civil war.[4]

This internal conflict gave the Celestials time to recover, and they would eventually crush the Aspirants.[4]


Representatives: Celestial Destructor


  • In the Aspirants' language, the word "aspirant" had a similar meaning to "tyrant."[4]

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