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Quote1 There's no way That thing, what it can do? It's not like anything. Kang, Ultron, I don't care. It's like it can eliminate thought. It can decide--today, I'm done with cats. And all the cats are gone. There wasn't any fighting. Things that were...suddenly were not. Quote2
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The Aspirants are the loyal servants of the First Firmament. They fought against the rebellious Celestials in a Celestial War but ultimately lost and the First Firmament was shattered into the very first Multiverse. Although greatly weakened, the First Firmament and some of the Aspirants survived the war. After several multiversal renewal cycles, the First Firmament returned to reclaim its position as all that exists. The Aspirants invaded the Multiverse and corrupted its inner workings,[2] but they were defeated once again during the second conflict.[4]


Aspirants and First Firmament (First Cosmos) from Defenders Beyond Vol 1 2 001

Worshipping the First Firmament

The Aspirants were some of the celestial beings the First Firmament (personification of the very first universe) created to appease his loneliness. They were industrious in their worship of him and sought his approval whenever they created life on their own.

Unlike their dark counterparts, the multicolored Celestials wanted their creations to evolve and for the universe to evolve with them, and thus know growth, change, and mortality. This divergence of ideas ushered in a Celestial War[2] for the dominion of all existence. As the war approached an end, the Aspirants created the Godkiller Armor to turn the tide of the battle and annihilate the Celestials. The Godkiller was later stripped of some of its components to provide key elements for the Aspirants' fleets, which entered a civil war. This internal conflict gave the Celestials time to recover and eventually crush the Aspirants.[5]

When the Celestials detonated their unimaginable weapons in the last conflagration, the First Firmament was shattered into pieces, forcing him to flee in terror to the farthest edges of being with the remaining Aspirants. Hundreds of new universes were born from the First Firmament's pure substance, forming a new, collective being who was the Second Cosmos and first Multiverse. As time passed, the Multiverse died time and time again only to be reborn evolved soon afterwards.

In the Seventh Cosmos,[2] three Aspirants caused epic genocide in Earth-200080 to fuel their immense sink-suits, needed to explore the Hypoverses.[1] Some time later, a group of Aspirants became bored with their universe[6] and started to consume universe after universe.[3] The Omegas, a race the Celestials created to serve them,[2] survived those Aspirants and searched out other universes, finding small pockets of resistance in the process. Using the Concordance Engines, the Omegas built a world that could stand against the Aspirants: Earth.[6]

Aspirants and Logos (Cosmic Being) (Earth-616) from Ultimates 2 Vol 2 9 001

The Aspirants and Logos

Following the death and resurrection of Eternity and his change from Seventh Cosmos to Eighth, the First Firmament took advantage of his weakened state to bind him in chains and devour him. The First Firmament sent the Aspirants to damage the Multiverse and the Aspirants corrupted Lord Chaos and Master Order.[2] As a result of the corruption, Lord Chaos and Master Order killed the Living Tribunal and became Logos to impose their own multiversal law.[7] After Logos slaughtered the remaining Celestials,[8] Logos and the Aspirants converged in the Superflow. However, they were interrupted by Galactus the Lifebringer and the Eternity Watch. Witnessing the battle and realizing that the Aspirants have pieces of the First Firmament inside them, the Maker used the Aspirants to transform Eternity into a single universe, but this was to the First Firmament's plan as it made Eternity easier to digest.[9] This was reversed and the battle resumed. The Queen of Nevers, who saved the last Celestial from Logos' earlier slaughter, used it to restore the Celestial race and the Celestials destroyed the remaining Aspirants.[4]




Aspirants from Marvel Boy Vol 2 5 001

Human-looking Astro-Gods from Marvel Boy (Vol. 2) #5

  • The "Astro-Gods" from Marvel Boy (Vol. 2) #5, the "Death Celestials" from Defenders (Vol. 4) #1012, the "Aspirants" from Iron Man (Vol. 5) #13, and the "Celestial Destructor" from Civil War II were originally all unrelated. It was Ultimates 2 (Vol. 2) #6 that established they are all the same beings.
    • The "Astro-Gods" originally had no connection to the Celestials at all. In Marvel Boy (Vol. 2) #5, they looked like large humans wearing suits of armor. However, it is said that they come from the "First Firmament" (the first mention of the term). Al Ewing took the First Firmament from the Astro-Gods story and recontextualized it with the Aspirants, Death Celestials, and Celestial Destructor, as well as the idea that the Celestials created the Multiverse from the X-Termination event, to form a single narrative.


  • In the Aspirants' language, the word "aspirant" had a similar meaning to "tyrant."[5]

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