Named after Samuel Sawyer, this carrier is deployed to deal with superhumans, a concept created by Tony Stark.[1] It was first used by the Capekiller unit to hunt down an allegedly rogue digital copy of Tony Stark's mind piloting an Iron Man Armor.[2]

When it was attacked by mechas known as the Beautiful Garbage, a contingecy plan was activated, which consisted in the detonation of a 1.5 megaton thermo-nuclear warhead. Iron Man 2.0 attempted to disrupt the bomb, but whether he succeeded and prevented the destruction of the Samuel Sawyer or not was unknown.[1]


The carrier's full weaponry is unknown; but it included a mass-linked network of pop-up autocannons and 38 heavy-assault drones.[1] Air squadrons can be launched from either deck, and it has a considerable supply of Life-Model Decoy pilots and staff.[2] Under H.A.M.M.E.R. it has been refitted with two large cannons.


  • The "Samuel Sawyer" weights approximately 100,000 tons.[1]

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