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-- Assemble

Assemble was an android that resembled and possessed the powers of some of the members of the Ultimates. It is assumed that it was composed of the remains of the fake Ultimates team that was created by Ultron.

When the X-Men were burying their dead after the Ultimatum Wave, they were ambushed by Mystique, Sabretooth - the remaining members of the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy - and Assemble. Mystique explained to them that they should join them to form "their own Ultimates," but the X-Men rejected the idea and they fought. Soon afterwards, Captain America appeared and decapitated Assemble.[1]


Assemble has been shown using the powers of multiple members of the Ultimates, including Super-Strength (The Hulk / Captain America), Lightning Manipulation (Thor), and Growing in Size (Yellowjacket).[1]


Assemble carries a duplicate of Thor's original hammer, which is used to manipulate bolts of electricity.[1]

Assemble's name is a play on the catchphrase "Avengers Assemble!" which is used by the team the Avengers (the Mainstream Marvel Continuity's version of The Ultimates).

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