The being known only as Assessor was seemingly an artificial intelligence hired by Ultimatum.[1] Using Asset Quantum to deliver Miles to a covert testing location in DUMBO, New York, the Assessor informed Miles that he would be tested on and failure to participate would mean his loved ones would be harmed. The Assessor forced a strict schedule of tests and experimentation on Miles over the course of three days, all examinations of his powers and skillset as Spider-Man. After the discovery of the testing site by Aaron and Jeff Davis, the Assessor's Executive Committee was content with the data harvested from Miles, and allowed his escape. Months later, they had Miles abducted by his clone and brought before the Assessor once again for continued assessment.[2][3] Upon acquisition, Assessor delivered Miles to Client `U` and revealed them as Ultimatum. Dismissed, Assessor teleported to parts unknown.[1]

The Assessor was shown devoid of any human empathy or emotion, carrying out his 'assessment' of Miles Morales. As they are a cybernetic entity, the Assessor refers to themself in plurality of "We" in place of "I."


Artificial Intelligence: given the speech pattern and speech bubble in text, the Assessor is likely a cybernetic life form.

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