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Quote1.png I say "he," but it is no man. It is an evil algorithm. Exploitation itself given life. Quote2.png


The being only known as the Assessor was an artificial intelligence whose purpose was to test the capabilities of their subjects for proprietary development. They operated in Brooklyn,[1] and they offered their services for a cost.[2] One of the Assessor's operatives was teleporting henchman known as Quantum, with whom the Assessor had a contract to analyse and extract the source of his powers, the Space Stone.[3]

One of the Assessor's clients was Ultimatum, who hired them to analyse Miles Morales, also known as the vigilante Spider-Man.[2] After deploying Quantum to deliver Miles to a covert testing location in DUMBO, the Assessor informed Miles that he would be tested on and failure to participate would mean his loved ones would be harmed. The Assessor forced a strict schedule of tests and experimentation on Miles over the course of three days, all examinations of his powers and skillset as Spider-Man.[1] After the discovery of the testing site by Aaron and Jeff Davis, the Assessor's Executive Committee was content with the data harvested from Miles, and allowed his escape.[4]

When Miles' former Avengers mentor Iron Man learned of the teenager's abduction by the Assessor, he tracked down the villain to their new base of operations within Brooklyn. After ordering Quantum to capture Iron Man, the Assessor forced him to participate in their trials to test his armor, unaware that the armored hero intended to put up with them as a means to get closer to the Assessor. Having deduced that the Assessor was an artificial intelligence, Stark infected the base's systems with a virus that prevented the them from broadcasting their persona out of the building. Iron Man ultimately breached into the Assessor's command center and, after defeating Quantum, forced the Assessor's consciousness into his armor to take them prisoner. A backup of the Assessor later reconvened with Quantum in a different base.[3]

Months later, the Assessor had created a series of clones of Miles Morales for Ultimatum, using the data collected from their tests. The Assessor had one of the clones abduct Miles and deliver him to them, and in turn handed him over to Ultimatum. Dismissed, Assessor teleported away.[2]


The Assessor was shown devoid of any human empathy or emotion, carrying out his assessment of Miles Morales. As they are a cybernetic entity, the Assessor refers to themself in plurality of "we" in place of "I."

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Artificial Intelligence: The Assessor is an artificial intelligence, which allows them to be hard-linked to the facilities where they run tests.[3]

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