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Assistant Editor's Month is a semi-regular event that happened at Marvel Comics wherein the Editors of Marvel Comics would give over full creative control over to their assistants, usually the end result would be something humorous. The premise for the 1984 Assistant Editor's Month was that all the regular Marvel editors were off at the San Diego Comicon giving the assistant editors free reign over all of Marvel's titles that month. All these issues were printed in January of 1984.


Assistant Editor's Month 1984 issues


Issue Assistant Editor Notes
Alpha Flight Vol 1 6.jpg

Alpha Flight #6
Linda Grant Used white panels on cover and fighting scenes.
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 248.jpg

Amazing Spider-Man #248
Bob DeNatale The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man!
Avengers Vol 1 239.jpg

Avengers #239
Mike Carlin The team made an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman and saves the show from an attack by Fabian Stankowicz, who was jealous of the Avengers notoriety. The issues cover also featured a parody of old DC Comic books from the 1960's, including a check board pattern along the top and the Marvel Comics logo redesigned in a parody of the old DC Comics emblem of that era.
Captain America Vol 1 289.jpg

Captain America #289
Mike Carlin Involved a back-up story, where Captain America is captured by an amalgamation of M.O.D.O.K. and the Red Skull (Moskull) and had to be rescued by Bernie America (Really Cap's girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal.) The issues cover is also a parody of old DC Comic books from the 1960's, including a checkerboard pattern along the top and the Marvel Comics logo redesigned in a parody of the old DC Comics emblem of that era.
Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 154.jpg

Conan the Barbarian #154
Jim Owsley Features a story where Conan's body is drastically altered in the middle of a daring quest. This issue features a cover in parody of DC Comics old cover style. The title name 'The Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh!' is also in parody of DC Comics 'Batman of Zur-En-Arrh'.
Conan the King Vol 1 20.jpg

Conan the King #20
Jim Owsley Jim states "I felt that is this landmark issue of CONAN THE KING. I'd take the theme of Assistant Editor's month just a bit further."
Daredevil Vol 1 202.jpg

Daredevil #202
Mike Higgins Issue featured a Marvel logo reading "Marvel Pop Art Productions" much in the fashion a number of Marvel comic books had on the covers in the early 60's before they were dropped. This issue also has Foggy Nelson as the featured character on the cover.
Dazzler Vol 1 30.jpg

Dazzler #30
Bob Harras Dazzler ends up defending the San Diego Comicon from a rampaging mutant and encounters Ralph Macchio. Macchio's face is drawn on Dazzler's body in the Marvel logo box on the cover. Also the last page is one-pager 'The Ralph Macchio Gallery'. All Hail Ralph!
Defenders Vol 1 127.jpg

Defenders #127
Ann Nocenti Featured a cover alteration, the assistant editor for this magazine's face is crudely drawn on Angel's body in the Marvel Comics logo box.
Fantastic Four Vol 1 262.jpg

Fantastic Four #262
Mike Higgins Has a written note from John Byrne in the Marvel logo acknowledging that it's Assistant Editor's Month but asking the staff not to do anything too ridiculous with the cover.
Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Vol 1 13.jpg

Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #13
Eliot Brown The Beware stamp in the UPC box on the cover. The assistant editor one-page story is at the end, called 'Massachusetts Brown:Raiders Of The Late Book'.
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Vol 1 19.jpg

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #19
Linda Grant Snake Eyes fact file, without editor's permission. Also has an altered Marvel logo box featuring the assistant editor of this book.
Incredible Hulk Vol 1 291.jpg

Incredible Hulk #291
Ann Nocenti Has an altered Marvel logo box featuring the assistant editor of this book on the Hulk's face.
Iron Man Vol 1 178.jpg

Iron Man #178
Mike Carlin Features a parody of the old DC Comics cover format. Also has a back up story of a group of kids who pretend they're Avengers, firing their version of "Iron Man". But then they realize that he is an asset to their group when he beats up a local bully. The cover also mockingly refers this as being the "All-New Iron Man", which is not such a positive thing considering that this was during a time Tony Stark was struggling with alcohol.
Marvel Retread Funnies Vol 1 1.jpg

Marvel Retread Funnies #1
Scheduled to publish in this month but cancelled. Only a cover released before, features a parody of the old DC Comics cover format, and the line 'She's Dead' is around the MC logo .
Marvel Tales Vol 2 159.jpg

Marvel Tales (Vol. 2) #159
Bob DeNatale
Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 137.jpg

Marvel Team-Up #137
Bob DeNatale Instead of featuring a Spider-Man team-up like usual, this issue of Marvel Team-Up has Aunt May and Franklin Richards teaming up to stop Galactus.
Micronauts Vol 1 56.jpg

Micronauts #56
Bob Harras Two Assistant Editor's Month stories
Moon Knight Vol 1 35.jpg

Moon Knight #35
Linda Grant 'Flying Solo, FLying Blind?'
New Mutants Vol 1 11.jpg

New Mutants #11
Elliot Brown A slightly altered cover. In the Marvel Comics logo which usually features head shots of the various New Mutants, has the inclusion of the assistant editor of that book with purple antlers drawn on, one of which obscures Cannonball's face.
Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 86.jpg

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #86
Bob DeNatale This issue features artwork mostly done by Fred Hembeck.
Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 1 101.jpg

Power Man and Iron Fist #101
Linda Grant
Rom Vol 1 50.jpg

Rom #50
Bob Harras Featured an altered Marvel logo box featuring Rom in a house coat and pipe (Ala Playboy owner Hugh Hefner) and Starshine dressed in a pink apron and oven mits.
Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior Vol 1 5.jpg

Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior #5
Bob Harras Features a parody of the assistant editor dressed as Crystar. He is wearing Crystar's helmet however is wielding a tennis racket instead of Crystar's trademark sword.
Star Wars Vol 1 79.jpg

Star Wars #79
Eliot Brown Eliot Brown had a Darth Vader costume himself, Lando dressing up as Captain Harlock from Space Battleship Yamato.
Thing Vol 1 7.jpg

Thing #7
Ann Nocenti Has an altered logo box. In this story Thing reads his own comic, is not impressed, and pays a visit to the Marvel Comics office.
Thor Vol 1 339.jpg

Thor #339
Mike Carlin Mike Carlin and Walt Simonson dancing.
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 177.jpg

Uncanny X-Men #177
Elliot Brown Here is a one-page story for this showing Eliot Brown measuring up the Blackbird for the Marvel Handbook released that month. He is kicked out of the X-Mansion by Professor X since he has taken too long to get the correct measurements and the X-Men need to use the jet.
X-Men Annual Vol 1 7.jpg

X-Men Annual #7
Elliot Brown X-Men go to the Marvel offices.
Marvel Age Vol 1 10.jpg

Marvel Age #10
Marvel Fanfare Vol 1 12.jpg

Marvel Fanfare #12
Ann Nocenti 'Editori-Al' is changed to 'Editori-Gal', then Ann faced a writer crisis, Roger Stern cannot find any editors to discuss story plot of next month. So Ann made him wear Captain America's suit to inspire his idea, which prove to be a diaster. There is also a 'Robbie's Page' instead of 'Shooter's Page' in the end, written by Robbie Carosella.

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