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The Astarion was the starship used by some members of the Inhuman Royal Family, and Flint and Jovana, to embark in a journey towards outer space, directed by Marvel Boy, on the search for a way to ensure the survival of their species following the destruction of the last Terrigen.[1]

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The Astarion was heavily damaged by Ronan the Accuser when it approached the ruins of Hala, and even had a wing torn off.[2] After the Inhumans appeased Ronan,[2] the Plex Intelligence offered to put its repair systems at the service of the Inhumans to fix the Astarion.[3]

When the expeditionary group approached the World Farm during their continued journey, the Astario was telekinetically exploded by the Harvester-Class Progenitor.[4] At the last second, Flint encased himself and the rest of the crew inside a quartz sphere, which he then crash landed into one of the planets of the World Farm.[5]


  • It was named after a legendary Inhuman hero who may or may not have been a distant ancestor of Gorgon, and the inspiration for the Minotaur.[6]

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