Origins and early years

Astaroth was an angel living in Heaven.

According to unconfirmed sources, Astaroth became a fallen angel, cast out of Heaven,[2] possibly for participating in Lucifer's rebellion.

Astaroth became known as the wicked demon of Vengeance.[1]

Modern Age

Fran Chandler was a satanist practitioner, although she stated to have never used it to pursue evil. She possessed a painting of Astaroth. Her husband John apparently killed her in an outburst against her witchcraft "nonsense". John dumped the body, but Fran was in fact still alive and well.

Soon, Fran possessed Astaroth's body to force him to remember, promising him John's body as sacrifice in return. Astaroth appeared to John, claiming revenge, and causing him to flee and be trapped by the coven of her wife.[1]

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