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Astarta was a beautiful princess who was ordered to become the bride of the sea-god her people worshiped. On the day she was to be married, her husband gave her eternal life, and she returned home. Many years later, the Great Cataclysm happened, and Astarta's husband saved her from death. She was brought to the island of Kelka where its people worshiped Astarta as a god. Kelka's priests, however, feared her and locked her away in a tower. Millennia went by, and the people of Kelka became more savage, and Astarta was tortured. Astarta was found by Conan the Cimmerian and his companion Bêlit. After Bêlit killed the evil priest Akkheba, Astarta was able to communicate with her husband the sea-god. In anger for the way Astarta was treated, the sea-god destroyed Kelka and its people. Astarta died as well, but this allowed her to join her husband.[1]



Astarta was given eternal life by her sea-god husband.[1]


Astarta could die if grievously injured enough.[1]

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