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Aztartae,[2] or Astarte, was an Eternal who abandoned her people to work with the Damocles Foundation, a consortium of Eternals, Deviants, and humans working towards their own selfish profit.

Astarte and Electryon (another Eternal of the Damocles Foundation) appeared before Danielle Moonstar and X-Force in San Francisco. They manipulated the team into traveling to a remote island to end a "great threat". In fact, the Eternals wanted to claim the power of an ancient king named Ry'lor for Damocles. X-Force discovered their deception and fought off the Eternals.[3]

Powers and Abilities


An Eternal, Astarte is powered by cosmic energy stored in her cells. This grants her superhuman attributes and virtual immortality.

Astarte can fly and can manipulate molecules, allowing her to transmute objects.[3]

Her most developed power was gaining mental control of males through an "aura."[3]

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