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Aztartae,[2] or Astarte, was an Eternal who abandoned her people to work with the Damocles Foundation, a consortium of Eternals, Deviants, and humans working towards their own selfish profit.

Astarte and Electryon (another Eternal of the Damocles Foundation) appeared before Danielle Moonstar and X-Force in San Francisco. They manipulated the team into traveling to a remote island to end a "great threat". In fact, the Eternals wanted to claim the power of an ancient king named Ry'lor for Damocles. X-Force discovered their deception and fought off the Eternals.[3]



An Eternal, Astarte is powered by cosmic energy stored in her cells. This grants her superhuman attributes and virtual immortality.

Astarte can fly and can manipulate molecules, allowing her to transmute objects.[3]

Her most developed power was gaining mental control of males through an "aura."[3]

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