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In the ninth life of Moira X, Asteroid K served as the refuge for the last ten surviving mutants in the entire Sol system. It was also home to the last part of Krakoa, who now inhabited the body of late Cypher.

Using the Gateways Flowers of Krakoa for instantaneous travel allowed the surviving mutants, Apocalypse and his Horsemen, Mother Akkaba, two Chimeras, a former Hound, and the one called Percival, to evade the Man-Machine Supremacy for a time.[1]

Eventually Apocalypse devised a way to retrieve the detailed information on how and when Nimrod had become operational. Though most of the team and Apocalypse himself perished during their two final missions, the information was retrieved by War who passed it on to Moira. He then "sent her on her way" by stabbing Moira with his Adamantium claws, instantly killing her, and allowing her to reincarnate in a new timeline with all of the memories that the last mutants had obtained for her.[2]

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