Not much is known about the alien race that were dubbed the "Asteroid Monsters". Their planet appeared in orbit around the Earth in the spring of 1943 and they launched an attack to conquer the Earth. They attacked various cities across the planet and proved to be no match for Earth weapons. They captured a human couple and brought them back to their home world to be experimented on.

Their presence on Earth attracted the attention of the Vision, who appeared on the alien planet. Although captured, he managed to free himself when left unattended and rescued the Earth couple. He then set the central power station of the alien world to overload and the trio fled back to Earth aboard one of the alien rockets. The planet exploded just as they escaped and they returned home safely.

As none of the aliens appeared to be on Earth following the destruction of the alien world it can be assumed that they had all returned to their home planet and were wiped out in the resulting explosion. If the so-called "Asteroid Monster" race is extinct remains to be seen.[1]

Powers and Abilities


One of the creatures stated that they learned the English language by reading the thoughts of humans. It is unknown if this was a physical ability the aliens had or if it was done by technological means.


Habitat: Barren world
Gravity: Earth like
Atmosphere: Earth like


Level of Technology: Slightly more advanced than the human race. They had rocket technology that allowed them to travel short distances. If their planet came into Earth's orbit through technological means or through a natural travel through space remains unrevealed.
Cultural Traits: Warrior race based solely on conquest.

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