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Quote1.png So how come now, as I'm walking to my death, the only thought that keeps crossing my mind... is where the hell'd all the time go? Quote2.png
Wolverine (Logan)

Appearing in "Another Fine Mess (Part Three)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Elizabeth Howlett (Soul)
  • Young Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (Past)
  • Young James Howlett (Past)
  • Young James Howlett's wolves




Synopsis for "Another Fine Mess (Part Three)"

Wolverine prepares to use the Phoenix Gun to destroy Doom. Spider-Man tries to stop him, but Wolverine fires the bullet, destroying Doom but killing himself in the process.

Spider-Man then brings his remains to the school and spends several years trying to activate the Cosmic Cube and revive him. In the afterlife, Wolverine is about to meet again with his mother, but Spider-Man activates the Cube and resurrects him. Wolverine is angry at Spider-Man for taking away from him the only chance he had for peace, while Spider-Man thinks Wolverine is being ungrateful. Spider-Man and Wolverine are about to attack each other, but two figures freeze time. One figure is tall and carries a baseball bat with diamonds, while the other is small.

The short figure asks the tall one why they can't let Spider-Man and Wolverine kill each other. The tall one replies that the Big Man doesn't want that and that Spider-Man and Wolverine are linked in a way that only the diamonds on his bat understand. The tall one hits Spider-Man and Wolverine with his bat, throwing them through time.

Wolverine ends up in a fighting ring with a pre-heroic Spider-Man, while Spider-Man ends up in a snowy field with a Wolverine leading a pack of wolves.

Solicit Synopsis

Wolverine and Spider-Man have gone from the dawn of time to the end of time. Now they’re stuck in the future, which would be so bright were the sun not eclipsed by DOOM: THE LIVING PLANET! Not only did Dr. Doom conquer our planet, but he also conquered Ego: The Living Planet and is back to finish the job on Earth. Only Wolverine and the Phoenix Gun stand in his way. All this, plus a shocking end that will change the way you look at the two biggest Marvel characters, thanks to Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE, PUNISHERMAX) and Adam Kubert (ULTIMATE X-MEN, HULK).

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