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Appearing in "Another Fine Mess, Part Four"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (Past)
  • James Howlett (Past)


Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Another Fine Mess, Part Four"

The names of the two individuals are revealed to be Czar and Big Murder in various scenes of them jumping through time.

Logan passes the same bank that has the diamonds as he walks with a teenage Peter. When young Peter claims he does not care if Logan robs the bank, Wolverine's eyes flash with fire and he gains insight into his uncle's death that changed Peter into the heroic Spider-Man. Logan enters the bank vault, but is confronted by Czar and Big Murder. In Canada, Spider-Man and young James are cornered near a cave by Dog Logan. As Dog sets an explosion, Spider-Man is blasted into a cave filled with glowing Diamonds; he is sent through various times and sees the woman from his dreams in the bank. He wakes up from the impact and is confronted by Czar and Big Murder. Spider-Man and Wolverine wake up, tied to a pole, about to be burned at the stake. The two realize they are being toyed but Spider-Man shows he has gotten his hands on one of the diamonds.

Various camera shots are shown and it is revealed that Mojo has been orchestrating everything, including Spider-Man's dreams, for a reality TV show Mojo.

Solicit Synopsis

Who is the major Marvel villain throwing Spider-Man and Wolverine through time? FIND OUT HERE! The adventure through time takes a strange turn as Wolverine finds himself face to face with a young pre-“With Great Power” revelation Peter Parker and Spider-Man finds himself in the wilds of Canada face-to-face with a savage young James Howlett! And as if that weren’t enough, we also get the lowdown on The Czar and Big Murder. Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE, PUNISHERMAX) and Adam Kubert (HULK, X-MEN) bring the chickens home to roost, only they’re Robotic Were-Chickens with razor-wattles and lasers mounted on their combs.

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