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Synopsis for "Terror Stalks the Everglades!"

Having been called to Miami, Florida by Barbara Morse and Paul Allen, Ka-Zar has troubles upon landing when Zabu gets loose from his cage and tries to attack people unloading the plane. Barbara and Paul manage to whisk Ka-Zar to safety before the secrecy of their mission is blown by Ka-Zar being arrested. Along the way into the Everglades, Ka-Zar is told that he was brought up from the Savage Land in order to help them find their colleague Ted Sallis. Ted had gone missing while in the process of creating a biochemical breakthrough, and they fear that Ellen Brandt -- who is in league with A.I.M. might be responsible.

Their jeep is attacked by A.I.M. soldiers, and they crash into the nearby swamp, where Ka-Zar and Zabu save the two scientists from alligators. Getting to land Barbara and Paul take Ka-Zar to a hospital to meet their colleague Wilma Calvin, who is in a coma. They explain to Ka-Zar that not long ago, while they were continuing their research in creating a new Super-Soldier Serum, reports of a monster lurking the swamps spread across the area. When Barbara was held hostage by the locals, who blamed the scientists for the monster, they were attacked by the "Man-Thing", and burned by the creatures touch, Dr. Calvin was also attacked by the creature, hence why she is in a coma.

Becoming aware of that they are being watched by the very creature they have spoken of, Ka-Zar and Zabu chase after the muck-monster. The Man-Thing ends up falling into a pit, dug out by A.I.M., and when Ka-Zar stumbles upon the A.I.M. foot soldiers, his battle with them is abruptly ended when he falls into the same pit as well. Ka-Zar come around to realize that he is alone in the pit with the Man-Thing.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

"Terror in the Everglades!" Perhaps the greatest Ka-Zar saga of all, as the jungle lord comes face to face with - the Man-Thing!


  • Script (story pages): Thomas pages 1-9, 17-21, Wein pages 10-16 (Man-Thing sequence)
  • Pencils (story pages): Buscema pages 1-9, 17-21, Adams pages 10-16, Romita (touchups) pages 10-16
  • Inks (story pages): Adkins pages 1-9, 17-21, uninked pages 10-16
  • Letters (story pages): Costa pages 1-9, 17-21, Rosen pages 10-16

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