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Quote1.png Damien... Damien... You can't resist my mind Damien... We two become one, Damien--and one... becomes two! Quote2.png
Gemini (Joshua Link)

Appearing in "Target: Ka-Zar!"

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Synopsis for "Target: Ka-Zar!"

Bobbi tries to show Ka-Zar the finer points of life in the city, but everywhere he looks he only sees corruption and stifling. Bobbi takes Ka-Zar and Zabu to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier for briefing on the newly developed replica of the Sallis variant of the Super-Soldier Formula under their protection. Also present is Sgt. Damian Link, official liaison between SHIELD and the NYPD. Unbeknownst to everyone present, Damian is subject to periodic blackouts, when his convict twin brother Josh uses his power to mentally possess him from afar and make him don the identity of the villainous Gemini. Josh had been slowly developing his control over his brother and manipulating others to attempt to steal the Super-Soldier Formula for A.I.M. on his behalf, but now he believes he's strong enough to steal it himself. Damian slips away and reappears as Gemini, throwing the Helicarrier into chaos. He manages to get away with the Formula, but Ka-Zar maintains hot pursuit. Landing his getaway plane in rural New Jersey, Gemini meets up with his partner in crime, The Plunderer, who has the monstrous Gog on his side.


  • This issue reveals the connection between Gemini of the Zodiac Cartel (first appearing in Avengers #72) and the Brothers Link (previously only appearing in Astonishing Tales #8). Since Joshua has been in prison since he gained his powers, the Gemini appearing in previous Avengers issues would have been a possessed Damian.
  • Nick Fury does not recognize Gemini in this issue, though they previously met in Avengers #72.
  • Damian Link's name is spelled "Damien" throughout the issue.

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