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Quote1.png --Ka-Zar has filled his body with strength! Strength not from a laboratory's chemicals-- --but from a full--and natural--man! Quote2.png
Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder)

Appearing in "...And Men Shall Name Him -- Victorius!"

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Synopsis for "...And Men Shall Name Him -- Victorius!"

Ka-Zar and Zabu are eager to return to the jungle after the threat to the Super-Soldier Serum has passed, but are drawn into action again when Victorius kidnaps Bobbi Morse, hoping to gain more information about SHIELD's duplicate of the Serum. With Nick Fury's help, Ka-Zar is able to follow Bobbi's tracking device to AIM's upstate fortress where he plans to infiltrate alone. Fury gives Ka-Zar their Super-Soldier Serum in case he needs the edge, but Ka-Zar throws the vial away outside the fortress, confident in his own ability. Inside, Ka-Zar easily defeats Plunderer and Gemini while making his way to the chamber where Bobbi is held. He manages to down Victorius despite the villain's enhanced strength and extensive martial arts training. Once freed, Bobbi is primarily concerned with finding the serum vial Ka-Zar threw away before it lands in the wrong hands. Ka-Zar believes there's no need to worry, but doesn't see the recovered Victorius lurking behind him.


  • Pages 1-15 pencilled by Adkins, 16-19 by Starlin

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